Week 2


Monday 1st October, 5-6pm


Workshop: General introduction: thinking about performance and searching the archives.



Please take the time to explore the wordpress site set up to complement your research. This site is a work-in-progress so any suggestions for content are warmly welcomed. Just email me at pxs502@bham.ac.uk.

In time for week 2, each group needs to have decided on their play for performance.

Start thinking critically about your choice:

  • Why choose this particular play?
  • Are there any scenes or speeches that make this play stand out?
  • Do you think the play makes sense to a modern audience?
  • How much knowledge of ancient drama and its context would be needed for an audience to understand the play?
  • Are there any ideas/motivations or actions in your play that may be difficult for a modern audience to understand/accept?
  • Are there any scenes in your play that potentially pose staging difficulties?



Easterling, P.E. 2007. The Cambridge Companion to Greek Tragedy. Cambridge.

Goldhill, S. 2007. How to Stage Greek Tragedy Today. Chicago & London.

Lowe, N.J. 2008. Comedy (New Surveys in the Classics). Cambridge.

Martin, R.P. 2007. ‘Ancient Theatre and Performance Culture’, in McDonald, M. & Walton, M. (eds.) The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Theatre. Cambridge.

Wiles, D. 2000. Greek Theatre Performance: an Introduction. Cambridge.


By Week 3, everyone needs to have read Euripides’ Medea, regardless of whether it is your chosen play or not. You may want to make a start on this now.


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