Greek Plays at the National Theatre, 1995-present




Recordings of the following plays are available for viewings at the National Theatre Archive on request:


PHILOCTETES by Sophocles, adapted by Keith Johnstone Dir. William Gaskill Old Vic 7 April 1964


THE BACCHAE by Euripides adapted by Wole Soyinka Dir. Roland Joffe Old Vic 2 August 1973


THE ORESTEIA the trilogy by Aeschylus in a version by Tony Harrison Dir. Peter Hall music by Harrison Birtwistle Olivier 28 November 1981


ANTIGONE by Sophocles trans. by C A Trypanis Dir. John Burgess & Peter Gill Cottesloe 17 May 1984


MEDEA By Euripides Dir. Yukio Ninagawa Performed by the Ninagawa company as part of International Theatre ‘87 Olivier 23 September 1987


WOMEN OF TROY by Euripides trans. by Kenneth McLeish Dir. Annie Castledine Olivier 16 March 1995


FROGS by Aristophanes in a musical adaptation by Fiona Laird Directed: Fiona Laird Designed: Mark Leese (S & C) Press Night: Cottesloe 15 March (Mobile) 1996


THE OEDIPUS PLAYS Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles trans. by Ranjit Bolt Dir. Peter Hall Olivier 17 September 1996


THE ORESTEIA 1. The Home Guard 2. The Daughters of Darkness by Aeschylus in a new version by Ted Hughes Dir: Katie Mitchell Cottesloe 01 December 1999


BACCHAI By Euripides In a new version by Colin Teevan with music by Harrison Birtwistle Dir: Peter Hall Olivier, 17 May 2002


THE BIRDS By Aristophanes in a new verse version by Sean O’Brien Dir: Kathryn Hunter Lyttelton, 26 Jul 2002 A collaboration between the National Theatre & Mamaloucos Circus


IPHIGENIA AT AULIS By Euipides Translated by Don Taylor Dir: Katie Mitchell Lyttelton, 22 June 2003


WOMEN OF TROY by Euripides, in a version by Don Taylor Dir. Katie Mitchell Lyttelton, 28 November 2007


OEDIPUS by Sophocles Dir. Jonathan Kent Olivier, 8 October 2008


ANTIGONE By Sophocles In a version by Don Taylor Dir. Polly Findlay Olivier Theatre, 23 May 2012


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