Archive reports



I would like each group to put together a short (500-800 words) written record of their archive visit which can be included on this site. Obviously not all of you are visiting the archives in week 6, so I understand that not all reports will be ready by week 7.


Please keep a record of each piece of material that you consult from the archive. With this information, I would like you to briefly think about:

  • The range of sources available to you: did you get to see a recording? reviews? what media did these reviews come from? were they for a scholarly or a lay audience? was there any visual material e.g., photographs, programmes?
  • What impact did the range of sources have on your understanding of the plays? e.g., if there was no visual record, if the reviews were only for an academic audience…
  • How confident do you feel analysing these plays despite not having seen them in performance? What other material would you have liked to have seen included in the archives and how would this have improved your understanding of the plays?



Level 2, Group 4 – National Theatre Archive, Antigone

Level 2, Group 6 – APGRD, Iphigenia at Aulis

Level 2, Group 7 – APGRD, Agamemnon

Level 2, Group 12 – APGRD, Medea



Level 3, Group 3 – APGRD, Oresteia

Level 3, Group 7 – National Theatre Archive, Medea



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