Archive visit


To supplement your research, each group will need to visit either the APGRD or the National Theatre Archive the term. This visit will develop your critical reading skills and help you to situate your own practical piece within a wider performance history. The easiest time to do this will be Week 6. Your visit needs to be prearranged  in order for the archivists to locate the appropriate material for you. It is up to you to select the resources you need and contact the appropriate archivist (well in advance) to arrange a visiting time.


It is important to bear in mind that archive sources are different from secondary literature. With performance reviews, for example, rather than just reading about different interpretations of the event, you will need to make your own judgements based
on the evidence (evidence which may be problematic). We will have a couple of workshops classes closer to your archive visit to get you in the habit of reading primary sources of this nature effectively.


A good introduction to using archival resources in research, which you all *must* read before visiting the archive is Lorna Hardwick’s ‘The Theatrical Review as a Primary Source for the Modern Reception of Greek Drama’.


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