Welcome to the wordpress site for Athenian Drama. This resource is designed to complement your research and provide access to material that we will discuss in weekly workshop sessions and provide detailed information to help you make the most out of lectures and prepare for your assessment.


Monday workshops will take place from 5pm in Arts LR6.

Wednesday lectures will take place at 10am in Arts LR1.

Thursday lectures will take place at 11am in Arts LR1.


Most of the workshop sessions will be taken by me. Designed to supplement your twice-weekly lectures and get you thinking reflectively about your performance piece, these workshops will give a theoretical grounding to your practical work.


Workshops led by me will be interactive seminar-type sessions rather than lectures, where you will begin to ask the types of questions of and form the types of answers/solutions to the ways in which ancient dramas are adapted to the modern stage.


Excitingly, two workshops will be practioner-led, giving you a chance to interact with and learn from theatre professionals. Please consult each practioners individual sections on this site to find out more information on their work in preparation for their visits.


If you have any ideas for content which you would like to see added, please contact me at pxs502@bham.ac.uk (Polly Toney).


What’s more, if you notice that any links are broken (as they are wont to do), please let me know.


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